Graceland Wedding Chapel

The Graceland Wedding Chapel, which opened in the 1940s as “Gretna Green Wedding Chapel”, has since shaped the service and look of wedding bands in Las Vegas.

It is a historic chapel, which retains the original charm even after the loving renovation. It can accommodate up to 30 guests.

1967 was the year in which the history and name of the little chapel has changed forever:

Elvis Presley, at this time regularly at the International Hotel (later Las Vegas Hilton, now the Westgate Hotel) on. He visited the small chapel in search of a suitable place of mourning for his wedding with Priscilla.

However, the chapel was too small for the expected number of guests. The then owner was a big fan of Elvis, and since the King of Rock and Roll liked the chapel so much, he allowed the owner to rename the chapel in Graceland Wedding Chapel, after his acquired estate in Memphis.

The Graceland Wedding Chapel was the first Las Vegas chapel to offer weddings with Elvis impersonators. Since then, the band has appeared in countless Hollywood productions and continues to be a magnet for celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi or band members of KISS and Def Leppard who have married there.